Ok, a little introduction. My name is Manaf.

This will be a blog, it might get updated regularly or this will be a non starter which might never get updated again.

Apologies in advance:-

  1. The content mentioned below, move on to the next blog if you don’t want that.
  2. The articles will be long.
  3. Mental Masturbation.
  4. The high chance of seeing the words like “Fuck”,”shit” etc. again and again.

(Note, you can skip all this and go to the getting to the point section if you want to skip all the rhetoric and mental masturbation in the coming section)


Long story short, tried to have control of life, found out I had no control over anything in the first place.

Tried to hold onto things that wasn’t there in the first place.

After being forced to leave a country,

after a divorce,

after the death of my father in law

after my dad lost his eyesight

After so many afters I realized that this is not the life I want to live.(or this is what people call a midlife crisis)

After almost half a decade of disappointments and ruminations I have had acceptance on the fact that many things that other people take for granted will not be mine to have. I have been always excited by art. But only during the last six months only I have been able to consume it properly because I recently moved back to Cochin.


(This is where I actually get to the point)

The art in Cochin is what is keeping me going.

Bit by bit, inch by inch this is what is filling that hole inside me. Most of the updates will be about performance arts like live concerts, live theatre etc. Basically indie stuff.

I hope to do weekly reviews of things I see happening around Kochi, also articles and interviews with artists if possible. Also have larger amount of guest writers to write about yesteryear Kochi music scene. This will not be limited to Cochin, there will be reviews and articles about live performances of other events like, NH7 Weekender as well. After all blogs are about feeding one’s ego. I am an art vampire. I consume somebody else’s art but no output is given. This will work as a documentation to satisfy my OCD as well as ego.

So non-existing audience, I am excited by this non-profit, non-socially acceptable, non-relevant venture of mine.

I know nobody gives a shit about this. But this is my baby. I love my baby even though it is an ugly baby.