Into The Void 1st Edition-The Event

This will be a three part series

The first part will be about the general event

The second part will be about the Artist line up which you can find here

The third part will be about the various people I met and my experiences with them.(Most important)

Why three?

Because this one was special.

Photos courtesy of Ron Bezbaruah/Crumpled Paper


So I recently attended a musical festival called Into The void (ITV). It was a three day music festival conducted on 10,11 and 12th of February in Rann of Kutch (Gujarat). Rann Of Kutch, is one of the biggest salt lake in the world.It was conducted in association with Gujarat tourism. So the event itself was free. It was a camping situation. The line-up was completely Indie. That is unlike NH7 Weekender there was no big international headliner. But Indie for Indie’s sake is something I can get behind. But since this is a new event and maybe due to the fact that Gujarat is a dry state I could say it was a little more intimate than I expected (which basically means that not many people showed up)

So I will be telling you the pros and cons. But be warned there are a lot of cons, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it. In fact let’s say in the future if given a choice between ITV and NH7 Weekender, I would choose ITV. This was so special because of the camping situation. If this was just to attend the event and stay somewhere else it would have been different. But as a whole experience this was life changing. So the festival felt very human and in the spirit of the Indie. That is there were mistakes but that was part of the experience. (except for the toilet part, which  no one can enjoy)



  1. Beautiful Venue, very minimalist but still beautifully done.
  2. Amazing line-up, none of them were bad or average, most of them were the best at what Indie music has to offer.
  3. When the event was over there were small clusters everywhere just singing in their tents. In fact the first day while I was trying to sleep around one in the night I started to hear someone singing, I went ahead in search of the voice and came across a college band from Guwahati who was singing and there was a lot of audience. Mostly Hindi cover songs and in between there were both Hindi and Punjabi originals about their years in college and their small love stories. It was a lovely evening, stayed there in the freezing cold like four in the morning
  4. Even though Gujarat is a dry state, let’s just say that alcohol wasn’t much of a problem. Also herbal remedies were there. The herbal part was almost surreal.
  5. On the second day they took us to the proper salt desert at 2 in the night. Even though we were informed that we will be taken till the end of the walkway, hilariously we were informed that “there is a small change in plans”. That small change involved walking ten kilometers up and down at 2 in the night. But the distance didn’t matter, that was the best experience in my adult life so far. Will expand upon this in the third part of this article.
  6. The MC was so bad she became good. The only sad part was people were laughing at the poor thing than with her.


  1. The toilets were basically a plastic box with a hole in the floor, a very unclean plastic box I might add. I was even considering calling this blog post “Into the Void: The Unpoopable Saga” but then decided against it. But that still is such an original name.
  2. They increased the water prices by double overnight, which is not exactly their fault. It rests with the company they gave the food contract to.
  3. The artist schedule was weird. Ideally you are supposed to have music which you can dance to at the end. If you are talking the dance music lingo, your BPM (beats per minute) is supposed to rise with each artist in the line up. But here there was no build-up to the final artists.
  4. The first day the bouncers were a little too over enthusiastic and I think they even got into issues with one of the artists as well. Like there was like only 150 people and we weren’t allowed to go near the stages. Sort of defeats the point of coming to a live concert. I believe they rectified that by the day end.
  5. Since the sound check went longer than expected the time artists could perform got cut short. Still not very short, but still did piss off a few artists.
  6. Technical issues on the third day.
  7. The MC, who said she is an actress and said MCing is her passion. Also she kept asking whether people whether they were headbanging. I don’t think she knows what headbanging is.


Again it needs to be said that even if there was a lot of cons, the festival was still worth it. Not just for the music but for the people you meet, although it started out slow, this was an amazing festival. It felt Indie. Because the spirit of Indie is that they feel human, warts and all. Even the mistakes are part of the experience. That is what makes it fun. If you didn’t want that human experience there wouldn’t be any point in listening to live music. Also it needs to be said that the whole event was done by these bunch of young people. And I feel like these guys did it for the love of music than profit (this is a total guesstimation, by the way. I don’t know them personally. They might be gangsters/Aliens in disguise for all I know). Also since this was their first event I am sure they will do better in their next event. I did inform these issues on Facebook as a feedback and they did acknowledge these mistakes and said that they will correct it.

Speaking of which, they are having the next one in May in Silvassa, which if you are not aware is the capital of Union Territory Dadra and Nager Haveli. So be there or miss out.You can get more details in their Facebook page

Some people to music festivals for the music,but some like me go for a cure.

A cure for that ache in your soul.

So go forth and be healed.


You can find the second part of this series about the artist lineup here.


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