Artist Spotlight “When Chai Met Toast”

Waking up to the whiff of toast in the morning,

The heat of the tea in your hand on a cold morning,

Hearing the familiar sounds of your favourite cartoon playing in the next room,

These are the small Joys of life we take for granted,

Everyone expects to have a happy life, but people still doesn’t have much of an idea what happiness, that is, true happiness consists of. It is not one event or one object which brings you happiness. Happiness are the smaller things in life, a collection of happy memories which you wouldn’t realize was important at the time. These things only becomes clear in retrospection.

So it comes down to “Joy of little things”.

Which is the title track and the name of the first EP with from “When Chai met Toast” (here after they will be referred to as WCMT)


So why all the verbal diarrhea before introducing a band?

Well, because that is what the songs of WCMT is all about, “Joy of little things”, the things which doesn’t seem that important now, but which will bring a smile to your face every time you think about it.

So who is WCMT?


They are a Kochi based band .The members consists of Ashwin Gopakumar on Vocals, Achyuth Jaigopal on Guitars and Banjos, Pai Sailesh on the drums and Palee Francis on the Keyboards.

The band itself is just one and half years old, it started as a two piece acoustic band after Achyuth came as an intern to work with Ashvin, in the now defunct Springer Café in Mattanchery. They started to jam together regularly. From there they expanded to three people and now there are four. But in this short time they have performed in most of the good venues all over India. They even played at the Mecca of Indie musicians, Bacardi NH7 Weekender.

So enough with the history, let’s move onto the music itself, their music is mostly upbeat indie folk. As I mentioned (repeatedly) before, their songs are about the smaller things which brings a little smile to your face. Some of the subjects in the songs includes, tea, Saturday morning cartoons and about many other things which brings happy vibes.

As for a review of the title song of the EP, I will just mention words from a friend of mine working in USA, Gigi Francis. She was having a rough day at work (which I did not know at the time, but sometimes things just synchronise) and just at that time I sent her the sound cloud link to the song “Joy of Little Things”. After hearing it she send me a message stating (quoted here verbatim)

I stopped work, laid my head on arms and listened with my eyes closed.

Imagining I was driving along a coastline, in a car with pull back roof…

Wind in my hair and the happiest goofiest grin!!    

The timbre of his voice brought happy tears!!

Absolutely woke me up,

Ready for the long day ahead at work.

Thank you my friend… What perfect timing!

So that is what WCMT is about, bringing smiles and small bits of happiness to any one and everyone who would listen. Like your memories of those small things which seem insignificant now but is not.

So just take a listen to their Debut EP which is free by the way.

Here is a trailer of the EP


You can find the EP here whether you want to Stream or Download

But you haven’t heard them properly until you have heard them live…I have been to five of their live shows as of now, and there hasn’t been a single one in which the audience wasn’t singing and dancing along with them. You can find their upcoming shows in their Facebook page.



Random Trivia

Achyuth Jaigopal was for a while guitarist for the ever popular “Raghu Dixit Project”. He performed with them after his 12th standard. I was lucky enough to catch that line-up at an NH7 Weekender Express in Pondicherry in 2016.

Pai Sailesh refers to himself as the only standing drummer in India, authenticity of this is not verified.

I started listening to Mumford and Sons after hearing WCMT’s cover of “I Will Wait”.

My Dad, who is an old school music aficionado on hearing the debut EP mentioned that they sound like a modern and upbeat version of Simon and Garfunkel.



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